WordPress – Why I Decided To Use It for My Blog

WordPress logo Ok, I know, last blog I said I would learn how to make a blog from scratch. So, why WordPress?

Seems kind of early to already give up, doesn’t it? I’ve done a lot of thinking today about what I want to accomplish in the next year. Building a blog from scratch is something that falls low on the priority list. There is just too many things that I want to accomplish this year, and I feel that making a fully functional blog from scratch, is going to burn up my available time very quickly.

So, I’m going to give WordPress a go. I don’t like how my blog is going to look, but it seems customizing it, is not too steep of a learning curve, especially since I am already getting comfortable with html and css.

WordPress is going to allow me to generate a lot more content for my blog, in much less time. This way I can focus on writing, and making games, rather then how to manage a website.

I still plan on building web development skills, and those skills will reflect in my website. My apps page is going to stay “as is” for now, and I’m not sure yet if I’ll use WordPress for my documentation page yet. Although it already seems likely, and I’ve only been playing with WordPress for a few hours now.

Also, I’ll post any solutions to challenges I overcome using WordPress. I obviously don’t plan on keeping the default theme, and will be eventually making a custom one, that suits the style of this website. I’ll post something about all of that too, when I’m done.

That’s it for today, I think,




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