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I was trying to find a WordPress Tutorial for indenting paragraphs, and found a lot of misleading information.

Indenting paragraphs? It seems a lot of people who are starting out with WordPress, are finding that this small task is not a very easy thing to do. Now, as I too, am new to using WordPress, it was the very first hurdle I had to jump, and started looking through the forums for an answer, or a tutorial. The solution is much simpler than some of the forum discussions I read, had suggested.

Getting straight to the point, the best source is this link here.

Formatting text pt. 2: indents and blockquotes

That’s really all there is to it. As far as I know there is no built in feature to indent a line directly in the editor, so you’ll have to use a tiny bit of html.

If you’ve never used html before just copy the code from the link, and then paste it into your “text tab” inside your editor.That pretty much is it! For some (maybe most) of you the above link already helped you enough, and you don’t need to read on any further. If you’re still confused, or just want some tips on how to use the code in your blog, read on! So then, what I suggest, and what I’ve been doing for my posts, is using this code;

<div style="text-indent:23px;">

Basically, I just write my post in the visual part of my WordPress editor, and then when I’m done I click on the “text” tab, and add;

<div style="text-indent:23px;">

to the top of my post. Followed by;


at the very bottom.

One thing you will have to keep in mind is that this code will also indent the first line of lists, which you might not want indented. To fix this just close the “div” after the last paragraph before your list with a “</div>”. At the end of your list, you’ll have to insert another  “<div style=”text-indent:23px;”>”  before the next paragraph, followed by another “</div>” after the last paragraph you want indented.

Hopefully this saves people the waste of time, spent skimming through forums trying to find a good answer to this simple beginner question. I couldn’t believe how long it took me to find the proper solution. I hope to see a plugin that helps make this even simpler. Indenting paragraphs should not be so hard. A button built into the editor would be very nice, and I’ll post again if I find a plugin that does this!



4 thoughts on “Indenting Paragraphs – WordPress Tutorial”

  1. Hey dude, did you ever find a plugin to do this? Sometimes I forget to add the code after writing a new post and it’s kind of annoying. Cheers.

    1. Hey Rafae,
      No, unfortunately I’m yet to come across a plugin that can do this. Honestly I’ve just started writing all of my posts w/o indents. I’m warming up to the look, and I run into less problems this way. If I do find a plugin that works I’ll let ya know though. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Hey Dan, thanks for such quick response. I hope some day someone comes up with a plugin for indenting and until then I’ll keep adding the code, so far I did not have any problems, but if they appear maybe I’ll go back to writing w/o indents. If I find a plugin I’ll let you know as well! Congratulations for the blog! Cheers!

        1. Hey, I wish this response was just as fast, but I was away camping. I’m glad the codes are working for you. I look forward to hearing about a better way to do this! And thanks for the congrats!

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