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UoPeople – week 9 – Exams

I can’t believe how fast the last 8 weeks went by! It feels like I’ve been stuck in a vacuum on a conveyor belt of assignments. I finally submitted the very last of my assignments for term 4 (my first term) yesterday, and now today marks the first day of exam week.

So, the way it works for those are not at UoPeople, is week 9 “assignments” open up at the beginning of week 8. This gives us an opportunity to do the preview test, and study for our exams if we get our work done early.

It’s nice because exam week is technically only 4 days, unlike the rest. Exams are open on the Thursday of week 9, and then must be submitted by the Sunday at 11:55 UoPeople time. However they strongly suggest you don’t wait ’till Sunday, in case there is any technical problems with your computer that may prevent you from completing your exam.

Studying for Exams
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Exams means lots of studying.

Truth is I’ve already done a lot of studying for my Exams. From day one, this is the week I’ve been gradually preparing for. If I were to give a top 5 list of best ways to study for an exam, I think number one would be to start studying early.

I’ve been spending a bit of time everyday this term reviewing material. Now I don’t feel like the next few days will be crammed pack with studying. Actually it will, but it’ll seem less stressful when I’m doing it.

Time to start.

All of that being said I should get the rest of my day started. Even though I’ve been preparing all term, I still have a lot to review.

To anyone reading this blog that’s a student at UoPeople, best of luck on your exams this week. And congratulations on making it to the end of another term!

That’s it for today, if I end up doing really well in my exams, I’ll share my study tips with everybody next week. And if I do really bad, then I’ll share all of my study mistakes, and what not to do for an exam, but I think I’m good 🙂




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