2015-16 Term 1 Learning Journal UoPeople Week 2

This week my son went back to the babysitter’s so school was much easier for me. I was able to get practically all of my assignments completed on the first day. The coding challenge was simple for me, and having a solid understanding of loops in Java and other languages, I was able to complete the discussion assignment before the reading material.

My reactions to getting my assignments finished quickly was trying to help my wife get things done around the house. She’s been working really hard to try and pick up my slack. We’re moving next month, and our boy has been home a lot lately, so things have been chaotic and gotten out of hand.

With the free time, I was also able to sit down and make up some quality applications for a couple of full-time positions at two video game companies. One is a QA job, and the other is a student position for a game developer.

I really hope I get one of these jobs. It will be such a huge milestone for me. I’ve worked so hard to accumulate the skills I have, and if I land a job where I get to learn everyday from other programmers I can only imagine how much better I’ll become!

The feedback I received this week on my discussion assignment was very positive. I think other students enjoy my posts because they feel like it adds extra context to what’s in our readings. Of course, this is what I aim for when I right my discussion posts. I’m thinking about myself as a teacher when I try to answer the question, because I know that there are always students that learn from me.

My feelings and ¬†attitude could be described as content. Now that my son is back at the babysitter’s I’ve been able to get back into a polyphasic sleep cycle, but my body is still adjusting. I’ve definitely managed to be more productive in school, at home, and in my other projects. However I’m still very tired so I can’t say I feel emotionally positive or negative toward anything right now; I’m just sort of blah…

What did I learn this week? I’d say I learned (or rather was reminded) how important it is to double check code before posting it in a forum. I also learned to always double check all aspects of an assignment before submitting it. I graded a student a low mark this unit, just because he/she uploaded the wrong file for their source code. It’s really important to make sure your assignment contains everything it’s supposed to so you can be properly graded for the work you have done.


Today is the first day of Unit 3 and the last day the learning journal is due. I thought I would update this with one last thing.

I made a huge mistake in my programming assignment and it’s funny because I just wrote how important it is to double check work. The point of the assignment was to simulate rolling a pair of dice until Snake Eyes was rolled. My program appears to work, but for some reason the average number of rolls after 1000 simulations is only about 3, and the average should be around 32-33.

Here’s the mistake:

do {
   die1 = (int)(Math.random() * 6) + 1;
   die2 = (int)(Math.random() * 6) + 1;
} while (die1 != 1 && die2 != 1);

In my condition I should have used || instead of &&. I can’t believe I did that! But now it’s fixed and the lesson has been learned. I should have double checked the values of the dice when my program called “Snake Eyes!”. One simple line of code showed me that Snake Eyes, was being declared when only one of the die was equal to 1 and not both.


Thanks to everybody for supporting my blog! All of the attention I’m getting has gotten me a chance to be interviewed by The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper. It’s a chance for me to explain how much I really enjoy being at this school, and to spread the word about affordable higher-education!



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