Taking a Break From UoPeople

I know, it’s been a while since my last post. Sorry about thatĀ šŸ˜¬… A lot has happened, and I’ve been slacking in most areas of my life lately, this blog included. Probably the most relevantĀ change since my last post is that I made the decision to take a break from UoPeople.

I’m terrible at multitasking. Also, terrible at taking on way too many things at once. Luckily I tend to be quite tenacious, which allows me to go on sprints of productivity that create the illusion that I’m actually good at multitasking. But it’s so not true – not even remotely true.

Behind the scenes, there is always something I’m neglecting in my life to create the appearanceĀ of a productive person on the outside. In recent years, that’s been my health,Ā my finances, and my family.

My wife has been incredibleĀ for supporting me while I work a full-time job, maintain a blog, organize meetups, make crappy YouTube videos and study for a CS degree online.

She’s also had to sacrificeĀ a lot of one-on-one time with her husband in order to allow me to do everything I’ve done over the past couple years. At the same time, as much as I’ve made huge efforts to be the best dad I can be, my son has missed out on a lot of time with me too.

Even with all of the amazing support, and understanding from my wife, I was still juggling too much. I had to drop the balls eventually, and a couple months ago… I did. Hence, why the videos stopped, the blog stopped, and even my schooling has stopped.

Pretty much the only things I’ve managed to continue keeping up lately is my job, and more recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family – going out to movies, going for walks, going to museums, keeping the computer turned off at home – that sort of stuff.

There’s been at least one or two posts on this blog over the last two years about focus. Yeah, I’ve been lacking that. A lot of that. So now, I’m refactoring my life so I can get some of it back. Unfortunately, that means setting the books down for a while. Maybe a few months, maybe even more… honestly not sure yet.

There is a decent chance that I might not pick my studies back up at UoPeople at all to be totally honest…

I have my issues to vent about, but I’m not making this decision because of those issues. The degree just doesn’t line up with my current goals the same way that it once did.

I managed to successfully become a software developer – now with almost 2 years professional experience – and am making a pretty decent living at a really great company to work for (RoomRoster).

My tech stack (Laravel, MySQL, VueJS, and Sass) is also in high enough demand in my local area, that I’m not fearful of losing my current job – I know I can find more work right away if the company suddenly burns to the ground.

Along with that, I really want to be involved in the local developer community, which includes attending and hosting meetups. I also want to be working on my skills as a developer, and not as a CS student – I want to be able to use my free time to tinker with new ideas, tweak my workflow, and explore new libraries, languages, frameworks etc…

I still might continue my studies at UoPeople in a few months down the road, but honestly, if I can find another alternative that is more specific to what I actually do (as opposed to a very generalized BS. Cs), and I have a means to afford it, I’ll do that instead.

Well, I’m starting to feel like I could ramble on, so I’ll tie this post up.

I definitely plan to continue blogging. Obviously, UoPeople related posts are probably going to die down a lot, if not completely. I’m not totally sure what the direction of this blog is going to be for the next few months, but you will certainly see a lot more technical posts from me in the near future. Mostly on programming topics, but who knows, maybe some other topics will come up also.

The remainder of this year, I will be spending a lot of time playing Minecraft with my son, and going on dates with my wife, so the frequency of blog posts are likely going to be a lot lower than they once were – maybe once per month? I don’t know… maybe more – I guess we’ll see šŸ™‚

Thanks for reading my blog, and I’m so glad that so many people were inspired by reading the last two years of my life. I apologize to those who read this blog for UoPeople related content. Please don’t let my break discourage you from your goals, and I wish you the best of luck!

Cheers everyone,






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  1. Hi Dan,
    Did you take the major prerequisite courses College Algebra and Introduction to Statistics?

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