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My name is Dan Fletcher, and I’m a CS student at University of the People. This is where I blog about my studies and other interests including programming, gaming and my personal development. I’ve been learning how to make video games for fun, and I am studying web development in my spare time.

More about this website.

This website is primarily for my blog. But I share other projects I’m working on as well, which currently only consists of video games. However as I learn more about web development, and increase my portfolio, I’ll share web design projects here as well, along with tutorials and programming guides in the future.

In regards to the tutorials and guides, there is not much going on right now, but in time I’ll share all of what I have learned on my own, as well as the information I’ll learn throughout my studies at University of the People (UoPeople).

No, I won’t be sharing detailed information about my course assignments, but I will share what I learn by completing those assignments. I find when I think about how to teach something I’ve learned to someone else, it helps re-enforce those ideas for me, while giving other people an opportunity to see a topic explained in a different way than they may have seen elsewhere.

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