Gaming For Busy Parents – How to Fit Gaming Into Your Busy Schedual

Babies are amazing! Being sleep deprived with a puke stain on your shoulder, and a baby finally sleeping after hours of bouncing and cooing, you’re probably not agreeing. But while your little frogger naps in his sleeper, you’re trying to figure out how the hell to get back into gaming.

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How Do Games Today, Affect Our Kids?

buster sword from final fantasy 7 video game

Tonight, I had the pleasure of looking after my six year old nephew. I had my laptop sitting on the ottoman, and the background was a picture of Aerith, from Final Fantasy 7. To my enjoyment he asked “who’s that?”. I started explaining to him, and he asked me all sorts of questions about the game! He was so interested I showed him some game play on the internet, and he asked me if I had the game. Of course, I do have FF7, and so I busted out the game that defined a generation!

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Indenting Paragraphs – WordPress Tutorial

I was trying to find a WordPress Tutorial for indenting paragraphs, and found a lot of misleading information.

Indenting paragraphs? It seems a lot of people who are starting out with WordPress, are finding that this small task is not a very easy thing to do. Now, as I too, am new to using WordPress, it was the very first hurdle I had to jump, and started looking through the forums for an answer, or a tutorial. The solution is much simpler than some of the forum discussions I read, had suggested.

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WordPress – Why I Decided To Use It for My Blog

WordPress logo Ok, I know, last blog I said I would learn how to make a blog from scratch. So, why WordPress?

Seems kind of early to already give up, doesn’t it? I’ve done a lot of thinking today about what I want to accomplish in the next year. Building a blog from scratch is something that falls low on the priority list. There is just too many things that I want to accomplish this year, and I feel that making a fully functional blog from scratch, is going to burn up my available time very quickly.

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My First Blog Made From Scratch

My first blog made from scratch. It’s a far cry from being what you would probably think of as a “blog”, but hey It’s a start!

Of course I realize there are other ways of making a blog page, which are much easier. I just like learning how to do things from the beginning. So far this really is just a bunch of text, styled with css, and not really feature rich like most blog sites.

For example there is no comment section or any social media features, like sharing, or liking with facebook. Either way I plan to port all of my older posts from other sites to this page. In time I’ll have my blogs organized chronologically, and then work on adding other interfaces as well.

Cheers for now,


Back to The Blog

     I’m back! Haven’t blogged in a while, and just wanted to post what I’ve been up to. Since our pong clone I’ve made two more games! I also changed the name of “pong” to “paddles”, just to be safe in the legal department.


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Wrapping Things Up

Mmmm… Shepherd’s Pie!! I know, you probably don’t want to hear about what I’m chewing as I write this blog but damn. I LOVE me some Shepherd’s Pie! Anyway, back to our game. Last time we left off with a list of bugs that needed to be fixed and some features to add/change. That list looked like this:



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New Opportunities

Below is a blog I posted back in January of this year, before I started using WordPress for my blog. I think I’ve improved a lot since then…

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