Why New Programmers Should Start With Web Development

When I first started coding on my own, I honestly knew very little about the software industry, and even less about what I actually wanted to do with it. Not knowing where to start, led me down a long path of jumping from one language or technology to another, which meant it took me years to land my first programming job. If I could go back, I would start with web development.

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Dev Journal: What I’ve learned In a Year

It’s actually been closer to 18 months since my first job as a developer, but I’ve been wanting to share what I’ve learned as a newbie in the industry for a while. So although I’m late on the one-year retrospective, I think it’s worth sharing anyway.

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How to Write JavaScript on Your Own Computer

Web services that provide online code editors and tutorials are great – amazing actually. Websites like khanacademy.org and codecademey.com are terrific at guiding people who are totally new to programming, through the basics of web development, and helping them learn how to make all sort of cool projects. However sites like these also fall short of explaining exactly how these web technologies are used offline, in your own environment. Just you and your computer and a web browser – how do you start making stuff on your own?

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UoPeople: How to get through Programming Fundamentals (CS 1101)

Programming can be tough. Real tough. Everybody knows this, even if they haven’t tried. So it can be extremely intimidating going into you’re fist few programming courses if you’ve never learned how to write code before. But don’t worry – I’m going to give you some tips to help relieve that anxiety, and help you become a great programmer by the end of the foundation building, CS 1101, Programming Fundamentals.

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More on Parameters in Python

Not long ago I posted an article explaining the importance of parameters in programming. The article was based on the Java programming language, and although the concepts were explained as abstractly as possible, I decided to dig in my vault for some more explanations put in the context of another language; Python.

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How Do I Choose My First Programming Language

Learning to program can be challenging. Figuring out what language to even start with can be even more challenging. Have you found yourself scrolling through blog after blog, forum after forum, pulling at your hair ’till it’s gone, just to get an idea as to where you should start? Choosing the right first programming language is easier than most make it out to be. So let’s look at the one most simple technique to get you there.

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Understanding Parameters in Programming

Understanding parameters and how they are used can be frustrating. It’s an essential part of programming, and if you don’t take the time to master it, your code will be forever hindered, and you will be banging your head against your keyboard indefinitely until you rage quit technology. In this post I will discuss what parameters are, how they are used, and the difference between formal, and actual parameters.

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Loops in Java

This was another discussion assignment at school, where I was asked to compare the different loops in Java. The original assignment was to just explain for and for-each loops, but I added the while, and do while in here as well. This isn’t a detailed explanation of how loops work in general, but rather a comparison between the different kinds.

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++ && != and %= Java Operators Explained

My discussion assignment at school was to explain the following operators in Java; ++ (increment) && (logical AND) != (not equal) %= (modulus assignment).

I thought the quality of my post was good enough to share here, so here it is.

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The Purpose of Using Functions

This week in school, our discussion assignment was to discuss the importance and advantages of using functions in programming. I’ve been using Khan Academy for about 6 months now for studying math, and computer science outside of school, So I’ve seen a lot of beginners on the site who don’t understand the purpose of using functions. Hopefully this article sheds a little light on this topic for those who also don’t understand.

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