Difference Between ‘=’ and ‘==’ in Progamming

In this week at school, our discussion assignment asked us to post about the difference between ‘=’ and ‘==’ in Python. I put a pretty decent amount of effort in this assignment, so I thought I’d share it here.

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Beginners Guide to Programming – Install Python

Before we move on to anything else, we need to get ourselves set up so we can actually start programming. So in this tutorial we are going to learn how to install Python and an environment called IDLE. At the end, we’ll open our command line, and make our first program.

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Indenting Paragraphs – WordPress Tutorial

I was trying to find a WordPress Tutorial for indenting paragraphs, and found a lot of misleading information.

Indenting paragraphs? It seems a lot of people who are starting out with WordPress, are finding that this small task is not a very easy thing to do. Now, as I too, am new to using WordPress, it was the very first hurdle I had to jump, and started looking through the forums for an answer, or a tutorial. The solution is much simpler than some of the forum discussions I read, had suggested.

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