Video Games – Why Do We Play Them?

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the reasons why people play video games. I’m trying to understand as deeply as possible what makes games different from other forms of entertainment. Even more so, to understand a bit more about myself by understanding what it is that compels me to even pick up a controller or a keyboard, and why video games became a life long love, rather than just a childhood past time meant to be grown out of.

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How Do Games Today, Affect Our Kids?

buster sword from final fantasy 7 video game

Tonight, I had the pleasure of looking after my six year old nephew. I had my laptop sitting on theĀ ottoman, and the background was a picture of Aerith, from Final Fantasy 7. To my enjoyment he asked “who’s that?”. I started explaining to him, and he asked me all sorts of questions about the game! He was so interested I showed him some game play on the internet, and he asked me if I had the game. Of course, I do have FF7, and so I busted out the game that defined a generation!

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