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UoPeople – Week 8 – 2nd Term Around the Corner!

My 2nd Term (Term 5) is just around the corner, and here’s a picture of a cat.

a cat around the corner

Today marks the first day of week 8 at UoPeople. That means it’s the last week of assignments before exams, and then I’ll be done my first term! Today I’m going to update you with everything that’s been going on in my life.


Although currently my two courses aren’t directly related to Computer Science, I’ve still been doing a lot work, trying to educate myself, and acquire skills as a programmer. I’ve reevaluated my goals, and have decided to focus my efforts heavy on web development.

It’s been hard fitting in the free time, with school and life. I’ve had a couple busy weekends in a row, and was in a fender bender a short while ago, so I’m dealing with that too. It wasn’t until last weekend that I got a little bit of a break to focus on school and learning web development.

All that said, my time management will change next term. I only registered for one course so that I can spend more time focusing on web development, and I’m hoping to start freelancing this year.

Landing work as a web developer will mean I can pay my bills with a job that is heavily related to my studies. This way I’ll be working towards a degree while gaining relevant experience too!

Other things I’ve been up to is trying to plan out how I want to organize this website. I’m sort of stuck in limbo just posting articles/journal entries when ever I feel like it, lacking consistency in my choice of topics. Having so few articles in so many topics, is making me rethink the design of this site, and you’re likely to see a lot of drastic changes throughout the year.

I’m also currently working on an article that questions whether or not video games can cause people to become violent, but I have to rethink how I’ll approach it, as it’s a sensitive subject. I want to be as critical as possible about the subject, and aim to be as factual as possible while being aware of my own biases. Should be a solid read when I’m done.

That’s it for tonight. Sorry for the short post, just wanted to update you briefly on what’s new, and let you guys know I’m still alive. Being that today is the first day of week 8, and I’m about to go put my boy to bed, I have to get to work on school, and try to get ahead as much as possible.



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