Playstation Announces Monstrous Puzzle Game GNOG

Playstation just announced on Twitter that the Montreal based KO-OP, a collection of 4 game makers, is releasing their latest puzzle game GNOG on PS4 and Project Morpheus in 2016!

Watch the official Trailer.

This is the first I heard of this game, and it looks pretty awesome, so I thought I’d do a little research.

It turns out the game has been in development since 2013. Earlier this year the team changed the name of the game from GNAH (pronounced guh-nah) to GNOG, and changed the art style to a much more vibrant attractive look.

Compare the old to the new.

GNAH Game Play.

The original gameplay for GNAH involved manipulating the giant heads you see in the trailer to help your character who’s stuck inside escape. There are two modes that you have control of, one is from outside of the heads, and the other is inside the heads, where you can control your character.

GNOG looks a lot better.

…the basic concept of the puzzles and game play has been maintained.

The new version looks visually more pleasing, and judging by the trailer, it looks like the basic concept of the puzzles and game play has been maintained. If anything it looks like there might be more intricate puzzles beyond just poking and prodding the heads.

PC, MAC, and Linux in 2016.

What wasn’t mentioned in the Playstation post today, was that this game will also be coming to Steam and iOS. Although no date has been confirmed yet the official website for the game states “later”. So hopefully this means 2016, and not some odd years from then.

Read more about GNOG.

Other bloggers have posted a lot more information on GNOG:

Graham Smith has been blogging about it since before the name was changed on has also featured articles.

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