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Risin ‘n Shinin

Coffee’s made, toast is up, and I’m risin ‘n shinin today at 6:30am like I promised in yesterday’s post. I’ve decided to pick a quote for the day, and reflect it on it.

“Life is waking up an hour early, to live an hour more” – anonymous

This quote comes straight from a google search. Not sure who said it, but I like it. The words don’t suggest that waking up earlier means going to bed earlier. Instead it’s a suggestion to gain an hour in your day.

Life is waking up an hour early to live an hour more

Every hour we sleep away is an hour less lived. If I were to live another 50 years and woke up an hour earlier every day, that would give me 18,250 more hours, save for leap years (12-ish?).





That’s a lot of hours.

And we wonder why so many of the most successful people to live were early risers. Think of how much you could accomplish with that extra 18k hours.

You could learn how to start a business, invent a new app, learn to juggle, practice your whittling, write a book, spin a basketball on one finger, write a blog, get in shape, live longer, live happier, have sex 18 thousand more times before you die, inward whistle, eyebrow wave, see more sunsets, and probably drink a lot more coffee!

What about any of that sounds bad? 

OK, wrap it up.

Aside from all of the extra crap I can fit into my day, waking up a little earlier also means I have an hour of peace in my day. A time to sit and plan, reflect, or just sit quietly with my coffee listing to the birds chirp. It’s nice, and when I motivate myself to do it, I’m happier, less stressed throughout my day and I feel more confident.

Cheers to waking up!


I have to grab more coffee.

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