Update: June 06/15 – UoPeople

Yesterday I ended up writing exam number 1 of 2. I would have liked to study a bit more, but I felt fairly confident in that course, and I didn’t want to be rushing to finish 2 exams back to back.

Today our nephew has the day off school, so the wife is busy taking care of everything while I study. Probably will write my Globalization exam tomorrow when my son goes for a nap.

As for the exam I wrote yesterday, I don’t feel like there was even one question I didn’t know the answer to. So when I get my results back, and they show how well I did, I’ll share some of my study tips on this blog.

The study tips, rather than being generic for all types of courses, will be specific to studying at UoPeople. There are a lot of tools available to prepare throughout a course, so that exam week isn’t any more stressful than it has to be.

That’s it for this one, just a quick update 🙂




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