2015-16 Term 1 Week 8: Learning Journal – UoPeople

We’re all moved in to my dad’s place now. Not quite done unpacking yet, and we’ve been crazy busy, but I did manage to get my learning journal done on Monday this week. Here it is…

I’m so close to finishing this term and feeling pretty excited to be completely done. However this last unit has been very, very tough for me. I just posted my discussion assignment a few moments ago and it’s Monday at 2:16pm. This is very unusual for me, because I normally have this done either the day it’s assigned or within a a couple of days after.

My wife, son, and myself moved into my dad’s place on Saturday so my normal routine has been smashed to bits. I haven’t been able to keep up with school or work at all. Last night was my first opportunity this unit to sit down and start reading the textbook assignments. Now I have less than a week to finish this unit strong and study for my final exam.

If I could go back in time, I probably would have taken this term off. Although I couldn’t have predicted getting a new job right before we moved, I can’t tell you how bad I wish I didn’t have school on top of everything else going on. If I could give fellow students a piece of advice, it would be to plan any major change in your life (at least the ones you can control) to occur when you don’t have school, and even schedule a term off if you think you need it.

I honestly thought that only taking one course would be enough of a break, but it turns out I was wrong. I’ll be happy that I did it in the end, because at least I’ll have one less credit to earn towards my degree, but holy crap – was this ever a struggle!

At least now, I have a much nicer space for getting work done! And thank God nothing bad has really happened to us during all of this chaos (which isn’t done yet)! There are so many things that could have gone wrong which would have made everything I’m trying to do impossible. Seriously counting my blessings today. My wife – even with her chronic pain, has been a huge help in all of this. I have great friends who have helped, and my dad who is working with us to get everything in order as quickly as we can.

And my sons up…

OK, back. He’s being pretty good right now, watching some Despicable Me 2 beside me while I write this.

Once he starts day care this is going to get a lot easier 🙂

Like I was saying I really have to count my blessings right now. As tough as everything is I have it pretty good. My family is happy and safe, we have a home, and many things have been happening that give me reason to believe things are going to work out well soon enough.

If there are any lessons to reflect on, it’s probably managing commitments carefully. Although it’s ideal for me to stick with my commitment to school, I really need to consider how difficult this last few weeks have been the next time I’m on the fence deciding “to school – or not to school”.

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