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Web developer by trade. CS student at UoPeople, student ambassador, blogger, gamer, dad, hubby, enjoys fishing, building Lego, camping, blah blah etc etc – usually not in that order (in sequence or in magnitude).

Currently, I am a Computer Science student at University of the People, the first accredited tuition-free online university, and I’m very proud to be a part of it.

My full-time job is in web development, but I also tinker quite a bit with app, and game development too.

I have experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and Jquery although my experience as of yet is non-professional. I’m currently learning NodeJS and angularJS in an effort to develop on the MEAN stack professionally.

Edit: Thanks to the help of said mentor, I landed a contract position at Khan Academy where I work as a consultant for the computer programming curriculum. Primarily I use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Edit (again): Now even more recently, I’ve started working as a web developer at Redding Designs – which I share my experiences of here.


Born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, I somehow ended up climbing the social ladder in a less conventional way than most. I started working full-time jobs at 16, living on my own at 17, then got married and had a son at 22. And now I’m trying to go to school. I’ve worked hard enough, and long enough trying to value hands-on skills and self-learned education, rather than sinking myself into debt for a higher education (which nowadays, does not guarantee a good job). But now that I’m older, more experienced and have gained new perspectives, I am trying to work my way into a higher education while still pursuing my own studies and endeavors.

My pass times have included things like dragon-boating, soccer, martial arts, and paintball. I’ve worked jobs as a dishwasher, landscaper, cleaner, labourer, machinist, cashier, burger flipper, and street busker. I’ve programmed CNC lathes, mills, and surface grinders. I’ve driven forklifts, excavators, commercial lawnmowers and dump trailers. I’ve terminated HV cables inside of wind turbines, transformers, and switch gears, and have worked on solar farms where I helped build electrical substations from the ground up.


And… I still play Pokemon.

My Pokemon Gameboy collection
My Pokemon Gameboy collection

Although it may not be my absolute favourite pass time anymore, and I honestly don’t really have enough time to play through these gems like I did as a kid, I still feel like it says a lot about who I am in just a few words. I’m still a kid. Just a big imaginative kid with a lot of big responsibilities! That kid is also a little bit nerdy.

I’ve made money doing many many things, but I long to make money as a professional game programmer. Or really any solid career that is closely related to working with and programming computers such as web development or software engineering. But making games is what the 8-year-old kid playing Pokemon yellow under his covers with a flashlight – waa-a-ay past his bedtime – would probably tell me to do!


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  1. Hi Dan, thank you for good blog, sorry for my English, my name is Shukhrat, and i want to find more information about Uopeople, because i want to study there. Pls tell me is this Uopeople really accredited? After studying they give you real diploma? And can you find a job with this diploma in USA or in CANADA. Please write your answer to my email m.shukhrat@yahoo.co.uk. I will be happy to see your answer. Thanks.

    1. Hi Shukhrat sorry for the late reply.

      Yes UoPeople is really accredited, and yes you get a real degree when you finish.

      On the subject of whether or not you get a job, I don’t think there is a simple answer. That would depend on where you want to work, what field, and what experiences you gain on your own time in that field. The same rule would apply no matter where you go to school. No company will hire you simply for your degree – you need something that makes you appear valuable to that company.

      Case in point; my first job was at Khan Academy working as a programmer before I even finished my first year at UoPeople, and my second job as a web developer and backend programmer also came shortly after finishing my first year.

      I still study and am working towards my degree while working full time in the industry I want to be in.

    2. UoPeople is nationally accredited, but NOT REGIONALLY which is more valued. For example our ministry of education in Estonia does not accept diplomas from nationally accredited universities, so do your research on that.

  2. Wow! That’s a heck of a diverse job experience! This About Me sure has given me some stuff to think about, namely that the conventional route to a career is only [i]one[i/] way of achieving it. Thanks for sharing your experience with UoPeople. I wish you great luck with your life & dreams!

  3. I jumped from Yammer in UoPeople to here…
    Which Pokemon do you like?? I like Blastoise(in English,right?),
    the package of blue version very much!
    I read your post in game group in Yammer and
    I love your post, you put very interesting pages or references as
    codinggame. Nice to see ya!

  4. Quite an impressive life! It is really great to know about you and the hardships that you experienced in your life. I wish you success in your future life.

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