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How To Unlock Your Hotel TV When It Won’t Accept HDMI Input

My wife and I had a date night at an Inn, which was a package my dad bought for us as a Christmas gift. Our plan was to spend the night playing Mario Bros. 3 on the Wii U Virtual Console, and obviously, to do that we needed the HDMI input on the hotel room’s TV. Unfortunately the TV was locked so that you couldn’t switch inputs, however I found a way to make it work anyways… here’s how to unlock your hotel TV!

So if the hotel you are staying at uses the same trickery as the one I stayed at, the fix is extremely simple; anyone can do it! You just have to unplug one pesky little cable, and the TV is all yours to do with as you please. And on top of the simplicity, you even have options!

At the back of your TV there is probably a box that looks similar to this:

Hotel TV control box

This scary looking contraption is your enemy! You have two options to eliminate it; 1) unplug the power supply… or 2) unplug the thing that looks like an old telephone line (RJ-11).

The next step is the hard part. Plug your device into one of the inputs at the back of the TV and use it exactly as you would at home 🙂 Like this:

HDMI input in hotel TV

Also from this picture above, you can see an input labeled “Game Control/M.P.I“… You can optionally unplug this from the TV and it’s effectively doing the same thing as unplugging it from the box.

Next, you just have to turn on the TV, and the input button should now work as expected. Switch it to the input you need (HDMI 1 in my case), and enjoy the rest of your night!

Mario 3 on a Hotel TV

Also, when you’re done your game night, don’t forget to plug the unplugged cord back in.




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