Organizing a freeCodeCamp Meetup

FreeCodeCamp is awesome – just saying. I’ve been a proponent of the organization for a long time now, and figure it’s time I host a meetup. It’s also the first time I’m hosting an event like this, so I want to share my process.

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Turning the page… again.

It’s sort of crazy how many times my life seems to have completely changed since I started blogging, but it’s about to happen again. For the first time in a long time, I feel like things are going to get a lot better and stay pretty decent for a while.

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When Would I Apply Algorithms in The Real World?

I was asked by a colleague at UoPeople about how he would apply algorithms in the real world, outside of the classroom. I think it’s an interesting question, and thought it was worth sharing my personal experience as a web developer.

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Install Laravel 5.4 on Windows fast using Laragon ✔

If you’ve been working with Laravel but are a Windows user, you’ve probably had a few headaches. Homestead, the officially supported Vagrant box doesn’t play nice with Windows, and Valet isn’t even available. I found a nice alternative to both. Laragon.

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Learning/Dev Journal: Feb 13/17

This last week I’ve been juggling my two courses, making videos for YouTube, and trying to find a new job, while continue to work on getting better at testing and learning about design patterns. I also had a job interview last week at a wicked company too so I’ll be sharing how that went.

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Dev Journal: Feb 5/16

After the most recent onslaught of posts on my blog, some might have wondered if the habit would continue. Sadly no. But since then, I’ve started up a new term at UoPeople, been actively looking for a new job, and recently started a YouTube channel as well.

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Why I Removed Ads From My Blog

Some of you may have noticed by now, that advertisements have been completely removed from this blog. When I first started blogging, I was under the impression that the easiest way to monetize a site was through advertisements. After a year and a half of blogging and reading about how other bloggers make money, I’ve come to realize it’s one of the worst things a new blog can do.

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13 Things I Wish I Did When I Started Programming

Learning to program can be tough. Real tough. There are many hard to answer questions out there like what language to learn, whether or not you should learn in an IDE or a command line, and what resources are best for learning.

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Improving Google PageSpeed Insights

I’ve been wanting to update my portfolio site for a while now, but have been putting it off for one reason. My Google PageSpeed Insights score was crap and I wanted to see how high I could get it before doing anything else.

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When Should You Use Recursion

Last year in school, one of my assignments was to explain the reasons for using recursion. I realized I forgot to share this, so here is a slightly edited version of that assignment.
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