Video Games – Why Do We Play Them?

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the reasons why people play video games. I’m trying to understand as deeply as possible what makes games different from other forms of entertainment. Even more so, to understand a bit more about myself by understanding what it is that compels me to even pick up a controller or a keyboard, and why video games became a life long love, rather than just a childhood past time meant to be grown out of.

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Indenting Paragraphs – WordPress Tutorial

I was trying to find a WordPress Tutorial for indenting paragraphs, and found a lot of misleading information.

Indenting paragraphs? It seems a lot of people who are starting out with WordPress, are finding that this small task is not a very easy thing to do. Now, as I too, am new to using WordPress, it was the very first hurdle I had to jump, and started looking through the forums for an answer, or a tutorial. The solution is much simpler than some of the forum discussions I read, had suggested.

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WordPress – Why I Decided To Use It for My Blog

WordPress logo Ok, I know, last blog I said I would learn how to make a blog from scratch. So, why WordPress?

Seems kind of early to already give up, doesn’t it? I’ve done a lot of thinking today about what I want to accomplish in the next year. Building a blog from scratch is something that falls low on the priority list. There is just too many things that I want to accomplish this year, and I feel that making a fully functional blog from scratch, is going to burn up my available time very quickly.

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New Opportunities

Below is a blog I posted back in January of this year, before I started using WordPress for my blog. I think I’ve improved a lot since then…

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